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We provide the most optimized and reliable internet connectivity for your server

TheGigabit’s networks are strategically placed in world-class data centers throughout Malaysia and Hong Kong. The choice of locations will be presented to you when you sign up. All of the data centers utilized are manned 24/7 and 365 days a year. The data centers are high security vicinities featuring backup power generators and performance cooling to keep the equipment running smoothly.


This gives us great control over our network connection, allowing us to provide the most optimized and reliable Internet connectivity for your server. When you demand the highest uptime, TheGigabit is the right choice.


TheGigabit network has been developing for over 5 years, achieving 100% uptime since 2014 without relying on any third parties for our BGP peering, AS Network, multiple routers and fiber uplinks. TheGigabit also partner with many International network carriers.

Our Worldwide Data Center

We offer International Tier-3 Compliant ISO accredited Data Center

Data Center Facilities & Features

the benefits you will get if collocate your servers at TheGigabit Data Center

High Density Data Center

80Gbps Redundant BGP Network

Cooling System

Fire & Safety System

24/7 Security

99.982% Network Uptime Guaranteed

PCI DSS Compliant

State-of-the-art Cisco Power Routers

Multiple Power Generator Sets

Over 500+ peering & 10 upstreaming

1st Level Support - Onsite Reboot

24x7 Network Monitoring

Raised Flooring

Standby UPS System

PCI Compliance Data Center

Highest Tier of Data Center

Tier 3+ Data Centers

TheGigabit’s world-class data center ensure all your visitors have the excellent browsing experience

Meets or exceeds all Tier 2 requirements
Multiple independent distribution paths serving the IT euipment
All IT equipment must be dual-powered and fully compatible with the topology of a site's architecture
Concurrently maintainable site infrasructure with expected availability of 99.982%
N+1 fault tolerant providing at least 72 hour power outage protection